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adinna, 5 találat.

dhammadinnā →


An eminent Therī, ranked foremost among nuns who possessed the gift of preaching. AN.i.25 Her Therīgāthā verse says that one without attachment is bound upstream. Thig.12 In Rājagaha her former husban …

isipatana →



  • the Dhammadinna Sutta SN.v.406f.

Some of the most eminent members of the Saṅgha seem to have resided at Isipatana from time…

kaṇhadinna →


A monk whose Theragāthā verses describe how he heard the Dhamma, practiced, and overcame all defileents. Thag.179–180

mānadinna →


A householder of Rājagaha. When he lay ill he was visited by Ānanda, to whom he confessed that even in his illness he practiced the four satipaṭṭhāna. He was quite free from the five lower fetters. SN.v.178

visākha →



Husband of Dhammadinnā. After Dhammadinnā had joined the Order, she left the city and retired into the country, returning to Rājagaha after she had attained arahantship. Visākha, …