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bh��vin, 10 találat.

ahiṃsakabhāradvāja →


…of the Bhāradvāja brothers. He came to the Buddha at Sāvatthī and the Buddha suggested to him the…

chabbaggiyā →


…offences. Vin.i.84f. Vin.i.104 Vin.i.106 Vin.i.111 Vin.i.113 Vin.i.114 Vin.i.138 Vin.i.160 Vin.i.170 Vin.i.185 Vin.i.189 Vin.i.192 Vin.i.194…

thullanandā →


…malpractices. Vin.iv.211 Vin.iv.239 Vin.iv.240 Vin.iv.280

Thulla-Nandā was well-versed in the Doctrine and was a clever preacher. Pasenadi,…

upananda →


…of money, for we find in the Vinaya Vin.ii.297 a statement to the effect that “on the occasion of the matter of Upananda the Sākyan, the Buddha…

veḷuvana →


…of Kajaṅgalā, having questioned the Kajaṅgalā Bhikkhunī, went to the Buddha there and asked him to verify her answers….

udāyī →


…they returned his liking. Vin.iv.20 Vin.iv.61 Vin.iv.68 There was evidently a strain of cruelty in him, for we are told of his shooting crows and…

sāketa →


…in a suburb of Sāketa.

The Vinaya Vin.i.270f. mentions another seṭṭhi of Sāketa. His wife had suffered for seven years from a disease of…

upāli →


…who were learned in the Vinaya AN.i.24 Vin.iv.142 In the First Council, Upāli took a leading part, deciding all the questions relative to the…

nigrodhārāma →


…Vin.iii.244 Vin.iv.55 Vin.iv.101 Vin.iv.167 Vin.iv.181 Vin.iv.262 Vin.iv.314 Various Sākyans came to see the Buddha at the…

aciravatī →


…was passed prohibiting it. Vin.i.293 Vin.iv.278 The Chabbaggiyā nuns, however, continued to do so even afterwards. Vin.iv.259f.

The river was…