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sākya →


…North India, to which the Buddha belonged. Their capital was Kapilavatthu. Mention is also made of other Sākyan settlements - e.g., Cātumā,…

yakkha →


…to, MN.i.252 but even the Buddha is spoken of as a yakkha in poetic diction. MN.i.386 Many gods, such as Kakudha, are so addressed. SN.i.54 Of…

pātaligāma →


…to repel the Vajjīs. The Buddha prophesied the future greatness of Pātaligāma, and also mentioned the danger of its destruction by fire, water,…

bārānasī →


…of pilgrimage for the Buddhists - the others being Kapilavatthu, Buddhagayā and Kusināra - because it was at, the Migadāya in Isipatana…