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g������h������paka, 4 találat.

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…spirits, ogres, dryads, ghosts, spooks. In the early records, yakkha, like nāga, as an appellative, was anything but depreciative. Thus…

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…is the rule for all Bodhisattas to be born in Tusita in their last life but one. The inhabitants of Tusita were present at the Mahāsamaya….

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…first sermon to the Pañcavaggiyā D.ii.141. This was the spot at which all Buddhas set in motion the Wheel of the Law (Dhamma-cakka). It is the…

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…Gotamagotta. It has been suggested (E.g., Thomas, op. cit., 22) that this was a brahmin clan, claiming descent from the ancient isi Gotama. The…