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ma������ha, 9 találat.

bārānasī →


…the Wheel of the Law (Dhamma-cakka). It is the custom of Buddhas to travel by air from the Bodhi-tree to the scene of their first sermon, a…

kaṭṭhakā →



A class of devas present at the Mahāsamaya. DN.ii.261

mahāpurisa →


…legendary beliefs, the Buddha had his own theory of the attributes of a Mahāpurisa as explained in the Mahāpurisa Sutta SN.v.158 and the…

upāli →


…questions regarding the Dhamma. Vin.ii.286f.

In accordance with this tradition, ascribing to Upāli especial authority regarding the rules of…

sakka →


…a list of his names.

  • Maghavā, because as a human being, in a former birth, he was a brahmin named Magha.
  • Purindada (generous giver in…

savittha →


…does, and he tells Savittha that he has realized the truth of the Paṭiccasamuppāda by right insight and that, yet, he is not an arahant. He…

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…Vacchagotta Suttas of the Majjhima Nikāya seem to contain the story of Vacchagotta’s conversion, in due order: at the conclusion of the…

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…about Vesāli crying that Sīha had killed a large ox to provide meat for the Buddha and his monks and that the food had been accepted. This was the…

sanaṅkumāra →


…refuge in the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Saṅgha. Each deva fancies that only the shape sitting on his own divan has spoken and that the others…