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kapilavatthu →


…SN.v.397f. AN.v.334f. Vappa, AN.ii.196 MN.i.91 and perhaps Sārakāni. SN.v.372

During one visit the Buddha was entrusted with the…

mahāmoggallāna →


…from Assaji ye dhammā hetuppabhavā, etc., and Moggallāna also became a sotāpanna. The two then resolved to visit the Buddha at Veḷuvana,…

sahampati →


…the Dhamma, Sahampati appeared before him and begged of him to open to the world the doors of Immortality. The Buddha agreed to this urgent…

kosala →


…Kālāmas, AN.i.188 Candalakappa, MN.ii.209 Toraṇavatthu, SN.iv.374 Dandakappa, AN.iii.402 Nagaravinda, MN.iii.290 Naḷakapāna, AN.v.122…

jāṇussoṇi →


…he was a great admirer. He appears to have been in the habit of talking to well known teachers of other schools and hearing their opinion of the…

gijjhakūṭa →


…AN.iii.374 the river Sappinī, on the banks of which lived various Paribbājakas, including Sarabha, AN.i.185 AN.ii.29 AN.ii.176 and the…

āpaṇa →


…there with Sāriputta.

Several suttas were preached at Āpaṇa, among them the Potaliya Sutta, MN.i.359ff. Laṭukikopama Sutta (to Udāyi),…

iccānaṅgala →


…AN.iv.340ff. it would appear that the Buddha was not left to enjoy the solitude which he desired, for we are told that the residents of…

dakkhiṇāpatha →


…colony on the banks of the upper Godāvarī. Thus, we are told that Bāvarī had his hermitage in Dakkhiṇāpatha territory, midway between the…