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paric��rita, 5 találat.

sudinna →



A monk who, after being ordained, returned to his former wife and had relations with her, thus becoming guilty of the first Pārājika offence. When there was a famine in the Vajj …

andhakavinda →


…that heaven would be his inheritance Vin.i.222f. (This was the occasion for the rule that monks who have been invited to a meal in one place…

raṭṭhapāla →


Chief of those who had left the world through faith. AN.i.24 He was born at Thullakoṭṭhita in the Kuru country as the son of a very wealthy councillor and was called by his family name of Raṭṭhapāla. …

belaṭṭhasīsa →


An arahant, preceptor of Ānanda. He was once afflicted with scurvy and his robes clung to him. The monks thereupon applied water to the robes, but when the Buddha heard of it he made a rule allowing n …

ātumā →


A town that lay between Kusinārā and Sāvatthī. Once the Buddha, with a large company of bhikkhus, visited the town. At that time there dwelt in it a monk who had been ordained late in life and had for …