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seyy��, 6 találat.

kūṭāgārasālā →


A hall in the Mahāvana near Vesāli. The Buddha stayed there on several occasions, and in the books are found records of various eminent persons who visited him there and of his conversations with them …

vakkali →



A monk whose Theragāthā verses speak of never relinquishing energy, whether ill or happy, while meditating in the forest. Thag.350–354 The Buddha declared him foremost among those of implicit …

kaccāna →



See Mahā-Kaccāna, Pakudha-Kaccāna, Pubba-Kaccāna, Sambula-Kaccāna, Sabhiya-Kaccāna, etc. See also Kaccāyana.

Kaccāna or Kaccāyana is the name of a family, the Kaccānagotta. …

dakkhiṇāpatha →


In the old Pāḷi literature the name Dakkhiṇāpatha would seem to indicate only a remote settlement or colony on the banks of the upper Godāvarī. Thus, we are told that Bāvarī had his hermitage in Dakkh …

andhakavinda →


A village in the Māgadha country, three gāvuta from Rājagaha. Between it and Rājagaha is the river Sappinī, which rises in the Gijjhakūṭa. Vin.i.109 Once the Buddha went from Benares to Andhakavinda w …

nanda →



Mentioned in a list of well known leaders of the Ajivakas, the others being Kisa Saṅkicca and Makkhali Gosāla. MN.i.524 They were declared by Purāṇa Kassapa, in his classifica …