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v������tap������na, 8 találat.

dhaniya →


…the slopes of Isigili and lived there with several others during the rains. He continued to live there after the others had left. While he was away…

nigrodhārāma →


…other occasions, and several Vinaya rules are mentioned as being first promulgated there.Vin.iii.235 Vin.iii.244 Vin.iv.55 Vin.iv.101 Vin.iv.167…

kapilavatthu →


…Nigrodhārāma or the Mahāvana. When the Buddha returned a few years after his enlightenment, he met many of his family, and several of them…

mahāmoggallāna →


…to visit the Buddha at Veḷuvana, after an unsuccessful attempt to persuade Sañjaya to accompany them. Sañjaya’s disciples, however, five…

kūṭāgārasālā →


…the woods outside the Mahāvana, at the foot of a tree; visitors coming at that time would, if their desire to see him was insistent, DN.i.151…

indapatta →


…king and as the owner of Anjanavasabha, the elephant of wondrous power.

The town was seven leagues in extent J.v.57; J.v.484 and there was a road…

sahampati →


…SN.i.139 SN.v.167f. SN.v.185 SN.v.232 AN.ii.10f.

Sahampati once saw that the brahminee, mother of Brahmadeva Thera, habitually made…

cunda →


…brought to the Buddha at Jetavana Sāriputta’s bowl and outer robe and his relics wrapt in his water-strainer.

Mahā-Cunda was evidently a…