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bódhi, 12 találat.

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Bodhi: from verbal root budhi to awaken, to understand: awakening, enlightenment, supreme knowledge. Through Bodhi one awakens from the slumber or stupor inflicted upon the mind by the defilemen …

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Awakening: see: Bodhi

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Bodhipakkhiya-dhammā: The 37 ‘things pertaining to enlightenment’, or ‘requisites of enlightenment’ comprise the entire doctrines of the Buddha. They are:

the 4 foundations of awarenes …

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Bodhisatta: ‘Enlightenment Being’, is a being destined to Buddhahood, a future Buddha. According to the traditional belief a Bodhisatta, before reaching his last birth as a Buddha on this earth, i …

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Buddha: see: sammā-sambodhi.

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Enlightenment: bodhi - The 7 elements of e.: bojjhanga - A being destined for e.: Bodhisatta.

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Pacceka-bodhi: ‘solitary enlightenment’; see: the foll. and bodhi.

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Pacceka-buddha: an ‘Solitarily Enlightened One’; or Separately or Individually = pacceka Enlightened One renderings by ‘Silent’ or ‘Private Buddha’ are not very apt. This is a term for an Araha …

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Paramī: Pāramitā: ‘perfection’. Ten qualities leading to Buddhahood: 1 perfection in giving or generosity; dāna - pāramī 2 morality sīla - p 3 renunciation nekkhamma - p 4 understan …

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Puñña-kiriya-vatthu: ‘bases of meritorious action’. In the suttas, 3 are mentioned consisting of giving generosity; dāna - maya - p of morality sīla - maya - p and of mental de …

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Tathāgata: the ‘Perfect One’, lit. the one who has ‘thus gone’, or ‘thus come’, is an epithet of the Buddha used by him when speaking of himself.

To the often asked questions, whether the Tathāga …

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Ti-sarana: ‘Threefold Refuge’, in which every faithful adherent of the Buddha puts his whole trust, consists in the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha see: prec..

The Buddha, or Enlightened One, …