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Patisambhidā: ‘analytical knowledge’ or ‘discrimination’, is of 4 kinds: analytical knowledge of the true meaning attha-patisambhidā of the law dhamma - patisambhidā, of language nirutti

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Bojjhanga: ‘the 7 factors of enlightenment’, are: awareness or mindfulness sati-sambojjhanga, sati, investigation of the law dhamma-vicaya-sambojjhanga energy viriya-sambojjhanga, *vir …

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Anussati: ‘recollection’, reflection, meditation, contemplation. The six recollections often described in the Suttas e.g. A. VI, 10, 25; D. 33 are:

1: Recollection of the Buddha, *buddhānussati …

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Ti-sarana: ‘Threefold Refuge’, in which every faithful adherent of the Buddha puts his whole trust, consists in the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha see: prec..

The Buddha, or Enlightened One, …

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Pūjā: 1 honour, respect, homage, 2 worship, devotional observances, devotional offerings; also offerings to Bhikkhus.

1: The Mahā-mangala Sutta Sn. 259 says that;Honour and respect towards those …

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Cakka: ‘wheel’, is one of the seven ‘precious possessions’ ratana of a righteous World Emperor cakkavatti ‘He who owns the Wheel,’ cf. D. 26, and symbolizes conquering progress and expanding s …