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Abhibhāyatana: the 8 ‘stages of mastery’, are powers to be obtained by means of the kasina-exercises see: kasina. In the Com. to M. 77, where āyatana is explained by ‘means’ kārana it is sa …

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…the minds of others ceto-pariya-ñāna, 4: remembrance of former existences pubbe - nivāsānussati, 5: divine eye dibba-cakkhu, 6:…

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Bhāvanā: ‘mental development’ lit. ‘calling into existence, producing’ is what in English is generally but rather vaguely called ‘meditation’. One has to distinguish 2 kinds: development of tranqu …

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Patisambhidā: ‘analytical knowledge’ or ‘discrimination’, is of 4 kinds: analytical knowledge of the true meaning attha-patisambhidā of the law dhamma - patisambhidā, of language nirutti

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[[inference of meaning]]Inference of meaning: an ‘expression the meaning of which is to be inferred’: neyyattha-dhamma - Antonym: ‘expression with an established meaning’: nītattha-dhamma s …

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Tathāgata: the ‘Perfect One’, lit. the one who has ‘thus gone’, or ‘thus come’, is an epithet of the Buddha used by him when speaking of himself.

To the often asked questions, whether the Tathāga …

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Te-vijja: ‘one endowed with the threefold higher knowledge’. In Brahmanism means ‘knower of the 3 Vedas’ tri - vidyā in Buddhism means one who has realised 3 kinds of knowledge, to wit: reme …

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Patigha: - 1. In an ethical sense, it means: ‘repugnance’, grudge, resentment, anger, and is a synonym of vyāpāda, ill-will’ see: nīvarana and dosa ‘hate’ see: mūla It is one of the late …

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Paticcasamuppāda: ‘dependent origination’, is the doctrine of the conditionality of all physical and psychical phenomena, a doctrine which, together with that of impersonality anattā, forms the …

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…explaining his doctrine, sometimes used conventional language and sometimes the philosophical mode of expression which is in accordance whith…

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Bojjhanga: ‘the 7 factors of enlightenment’, are: awareness or mindfulness sati-sambojjhanga, sati, investigation of the law dhamma-vicaya-sambojjhanga energy viriya-sambojjhanga, *vir …

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Attha-patisambhidā: The ‘analytical knowledge of meaning’, is one of the 4 kinds of analytical knowledge patisambhidā.