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Patisandhi: lit. ‘reunion, relinking’, i.e. rebirth, is one of the 14 functions of consciousness viññāna-kicca. It is a kamma-resultant type of consciousness and arises at the moment of concep …

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Anattā: No-self, egolessness, soullessness, impersonality, absence of identity, is the last of the 3 universal characteristics of existence ti-lakkhana. This anattā doctrine, which only is t …

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Paccaya: ‘condition’, is something on which something else, the so-called ‘conditioned thing’, is dependent, and without which the latter cannot be. Many are the ways in which one thing, or one o …

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Paticcasamuppāda: ‘dependent origination’, is the doctrine of the conditionality of all physical and psychical phenomena, a doctrine which, together with that of impersonality anattā, forms the …

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Bhavanga-sota: and Bhavanga-citta: The first term may tentatively be rendered as the ‘undercurrent forming the condition of being, or existence’, and the second as ‘subconsciousness’, though …

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Agati: the 4 ’wrong Paths ’ are: the path of desire chanda, the path of hate, the path of confusion, the path of fear bhaya. One who is freed from these evil impulses is no longer liable to ta …