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Patisandhi: lit. ‘reunion, relinking’, i.e. rebirth, is one of the 14 functions of consciousness viññāna-kicca. It is a kamma-resultant type of consciousness and arises at the moment of concep …

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Paccaya: ‘condition’, is something on which something else, the so-called ‘conditioned thing’, is dependent, and without which the latter cannot be. Many are the ways in which one thing, or one o …

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Anattā: No-self, egolessness, soullessness, impersonality, absence of identity, is the last of the 3 universal characteristics of existence ti-lakkhana. This anattā doctrine, which only is t …

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Bhavanga-sota: and Bhavanga-citta: The first term may tentatively be rendered as the ‘undercurrent forming the condition of being, or existence’, and the second as ‘subconsciousness’, though …

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Paticcasamuppāda: ‘dependent origination’, is the doctrine of the conditionality of all physical and psychical phenomena, a doctrine which, together with that of impersonality anattā, forms the …

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Abhibhāyatana: the 8 ‘stages of mastery’, are powers to be obtained by means of the kasina-exercises see: kasina. In the Com. to M. 77, where āyatana is explained by ‘means’ kārana it is sa …