A monk. He devoted his time to explaining the Pātimokkha rules to the monks. At the time of the Second Council he was a monk of ten years’ standing and was appointed to assign seats to the Theras. Vin.ii.305


A paribbājaka who visited the Buddha, and at whose instigation the Buddha preached to the Bhikkhus on the difference between dhamma and adhamma. AN.v.229ff.


General of the Licchavis and follower of the Buddha. Immediately after his death he was born in Tāvatiṃsā; he visited the Buddha to refute a statement made about him by the naked ascetic Pātikaputta to the effect that he had been born in the Mahāniraya as a result of having followed the teaching of the Buddha. DN.iii.15–16


A monk whose Theragāthā verses speak of how sometimes the wise are unknown, while the fool is honored. Thag.129–130