The grove presented by Ambapālī to the Buddha and the Order. It was in Vesāli and was given to the Buddha during his last tour in that town, at the conclusion of the meal to which Ambapālī had invited him. Vin.i.231–233 But both the Buddha and the monks seem to have stayed there previously during their visits to Vesāli. DN.ii.94 SN.v.301

The Buddha is stated to have preached three suttas in the grove, two of them being on the value of the satipaṭṭhāna. SN.v.141ff. In the third sutta AN.iv.100–106 he dwells on the impermanence of all sankhāras and proceeds to describe the process by which the whole world will ultimately be destroyed by seven suns arising in the world and drying everything up. In this sutta appears also the story of the teacher Sunetta, who, even after becoming the Great Brahma, is yet subject to old age and death.

The Saṃyutta also records a conversation that took place between Anuruddha and Sāriputta during a stay in Ambapālivana. SN.v.301