A village in the Cetiya country near Bhaddavatikā. When the Buddha was on tour near there he was repeatedly warned by the cowherds not to go to Ambatiṭṭha as in the Jaṭila’s hermitage in the village dwelt a mighty Nāga. While the Buddha was yet in Bhaddavatikā the Elder Sāgata went to the Jaṭila’s hermitage and took up his abode near the fireplace. The Nāga showed his resentment, but Sāgata was able to overcome him by means of his iddhi-powers. Later Sāgata visited the Buddha at Bhaddavatikā and went with him to Kosambī. The fame of the Elder’s victory over the Nāga had preceded him and the inhabitants of Kosambī were lavish in their hospitality to him. He drank wine in their houses and had to be carried to see the Buddha. The latter made this the occasion for declaring the drinking of intoxicants to be a pācittiya-offence. Vin.iv.108–110