A grove at Macchikāsaṇḍa, belonging to Cittagahapati. It became the residence of large numbers of monks, and discussions often took place there between Cittagahapati and the resident bhikkhus. SN.iv.281–297

Among eminent Elders who visited the place wer.

  • Isidatta of Avanti (who answered Citta’s questions regarding the reason for the existence of various views in the world). SN.iv.283–288
  • Mahaka (who, by his magic powers, produced rain and thunderstorms and later showed a special miracle to Citta). SN.iv.288–91
  • Kāmabhū (who discoursed to Citta on various topics). SN.iv.291–295
  • Godatta. SN.iv.295–297
  • The Elder Lakuṇṭaka Bhaddiya also lived there, in solitude, wrapt in meditation. Thag.466