A well-known paribbājaka who lived in the Paribbājakārāma on the banks of the River Sappinī near Rājagaha. He is mentioned as staying with the well-known paribbājakas, Varadhara and Sakuludāyi. The Buddha visits them and talks about the four factors of Dhamma (dhammapadāni) which are held in esteem by everyone: not-coveting, not-malice, right-mindfulness, right-concentration. AN.ii.29–31

On another occasion they discuss the “brahmin truth.” The Buddha visits them and tells them what he considers to be the brahmin truths (brāhmaṇasaccāni): that no creatures are to be harmed; all sense-delights are impermanent, painful and changing; all becomings are impermanent, etc.; a brahmin is one who has no part in or attachment to anything any more. AN.ii.176–177