The country of Assaka is one of the sixteen Mahājanapadas mentioned in the Aṅguttara Nikāya.AN.i.213 AN.iv.252 AN.iv.256 AN.iv.260 It does not, however; occur in the list of twelve countries given in the Janavasabha Sutta. The capital of Assaka, was called Potana. DN.ii.235 The Assakas had settlements on the Godāvarī, and Bāvarī’s hermitage Snp.977 was in their territory, in close proximity to the Alaka or Mūlaka (the district round Paithan).

In the time of King Reṇu, the Assaka king of Potana was Brahmadatta. DN.ii.236

19.2904, 76.486811janapada