A country north of the river Mahī, evidently a part of Aṅga on the other side of that river .

It was here, in the village Āpaṇa, that the Buddha was staying when the Jaṭila Keṇiya came to see him; here also was preached the Sela Sutta. Snp.102f. From Bhaddiya (in Aṅga) the Buddha went to Anguttārapa and thence to Āpaṇa. Vin.i.243–245

The country was probably rich because we find as many as 1,250 monks accompanying the Buddha on his tour. Snp.102f.

Other suttas preached here are the Potaliya MN.i.359 and the Laṭukikopama. MN.i.447

Āpaṇa seems to have been the chief township, because it is always mentioned in connection with Aṅguttarāpa.