A lay disciple of Nādikā who, the Buddha declared, had destroyed the five lower fetters and had been born in the highest deva worlds, thence to pass away entirely. DN.ii.92


A monk whose Theragāthā verses tell how his parents with pride and compassion brought him to the Buddha to be ordained. Ānanda gave him the going forth, and the same night Bhadda became an arahant. The next morning the Buddha called to him saying, “Come, Bhadda,” and that was his full ordination, at age seven. Thag.473–479

A monk of this name, possibly the same person, is mentioned as staying at the Kukkuṭārāma in Pāṭaliputta in the company of Ānanda, with whom he discussed the righteous and the unrighteous life SN.v.15f. and the cultivation of the satipaṭṭhānas. SN.v.171f.