A grove in the Bhagga country. It contained a Deer Park wherein the Buddhastayed, on Suṃsumāragiri. Nearby was the house in which lived Nakulapitā and Nakulamātā. AN.ii.61 AN.iii.295 SN.iii.1 SN.iv.116

Once, when the Buddha was at Bhesakalāvana, he saw, with his divine eye, Anuruddha dwelling in the Pācīnavaṃsadāya in the Ceti country, and appeared before him to encourage him in his meditations. AN.iv.228ff.

The palace Kokanada, built for Prince Bodhi, was in the neighbourhood of the grove. Vin.ii.127

It was while staying in this grove that Mahā Moggallāna was molested by Māra and he preached the Māratajjanīya Sutta. MN.i.332