King of Kāsi. He captured Kosala and murdered its king Dīghiti and Dīghiti’s wife, but made peace later with Dīghiti’s son, Dīghāvu, restored to him his father’s kingdom, and gave him his own daughter in marriage. Vin.i.342ff.


King of the Assakas and friend of Reṇu. When Mahāgovinda divided Jambudīpa into seven equal portions for Reṇu and his six friends, Brahmadatta was given the kingdom, of the Assakas, with Potama as his capital. DN.ii.235f.


A monk whose Theragāthā verses speak of avoiding anger when confronted with harsh words. Thag.441–446


Pupil of the wanderer Suppiya. A conversation between these two led to the preaching of the Brahmajāla Sutta. DN.i.1