A deva, vassal of the Four Regent Gods. DN.ii.258 He is mentioned as one of the chief Yakkhas to be invoked by followers of the Buddha in case of need. DN.iii.204 He once visited Lomasakaṅgiya at the Nigrodhārāma, questioned him regarding the True Saint, and recited to him stanzas learnt when the Buddha preached the Bhaddekaratta Sutta in Tāvatiṃsā.MN.iii.199f. The Saṃyutta Nikāya SN.i.53 records a conversation between Candana and the Buddha and a visit paid by Candana to Mahā Moggallāna. SN.iv.280


A monk whose Theragāthā verses speak of how he was visited by his wife and child who hoped to win him back, but, seeing them from afar, he made a special effort and became an arahant. Thag.299–302