One of the sixteen Great Nations, AN.i.213 probably identical with Cedi of the older documents. The people of Ceti settled near the Yamunā, to the east, in the neighbourhood of and contiguous to the settlement of the Kurus, for we are told Vin.iv.108f. that the Buddha, having dwelt in the Ceti country, went to Bhaddavatikā, where, at the Ambatiṭṭha, Sāgata tamed a Nāga, and from there he went to Kosambī.

The Aṅguttara Nikāya AN.iii.355f. AN.v.41f. AN.v.157ff. are discources preached to the Cetis by Mahācunda. While dwelling in the Pācīnavaṃsadāya in the Ceti country, Anuruddha became an arahant after a visit which the Buddha paid to him.AN.iv.228 Vin.i.300f. The Janavasabha Sutta DN.ii.200 leads us to infer that the Buddha visited the Ceti country several times. The Saṃyutta Nikāya SN.v.436f. records a discussion on the four Ariyan Truths among a number of monks, including Gavampati, dwelling at Sahajāti.