A forest tract near Nādikā. Once, when Anuruddha, Nandiya and Kimbila were living there, they were visited by the Buddha, who came from Giñjakāvasatha. The result of the visit was the preaching of the Cūḷagosiṅga Sutta. MN.i.205f. On another occasion, when the Buddha was staying there with many eminent monks, among whom were Sāriputta, Moggallāna and others, their conversation led to the preaching of the Mahāgosiṅga Sutta. MN.i.212f.


A forest tract near Vesāli. When the Buddha was living in the Kūṭāgārasāla, in the Mahāvana, he was visited by many people and there was great disturbance. In order to find quiet and solitude, certain monks, among whom were Cāla, Upacāla, Kakkaṭa, Kaḷimbha, Nikata and Kaṭissaha, retired into this forest. AN.v.133