Greater India. One of the four Mahādīpas, or great continents. They are grouped round Mount Sineru. In Jambudīpa is Himavā with its eighty-four thousand peaks, its lakes, mountain ranges, etc. This continent derives its name from the Jambū-tree which grows there, its trunk fifteen yojanas in girth, its outspreading branches fifty yojanas in length, its shade one hundred yojanas in extent and its height one hundred yojanas. Vin.i.30 On account of this tree, Jambudīpa is also known as Jambusanda. Snp.552

At the time of Metteyya Buddha’s appearance on earth Jambudīpa will be pervaded by mankind even as a jungle is by reeds and rushes. There will be eighty-four thousand cities with Ketumatī at the head. DN.iii.75

The Buddha once declared that the people of Jambudīpa excel those of both Uttarakuru and Tāvatiṃsā in three respects—courage, mindfulness and religious life. AN.iv.396