A Buddha of a past era. His chief disciples were Vidhura and Sañjīva among monks, and Sama and Campā among nuns. His personal attendant was Buddhija. Accuta and Samaṇa, Nandā and Sunandā were his most eminent lay-supporters. DN.ii.7 In Kakusandha’s time a Māra, named Dūsī (a previous birth of Moggallāna), gave a great deal of trouble to the Buddha and his followers, trying greatly the Buddha’s patience.MN.i.333ff. Thag.1187 The Saṃyutta Nikāya SN.ii.190f. mentions that during the time of Kakusandha, the Mount Vepulla of Rājagaha was named Pacina-vaṃsa and the inhabitants were called Tivarā.