A township of the Kurūs. The Buddha, during the course of his wanderings, stayed there several times; the exact place of his residence is, however, mentioned only once, namely the fire-hut of a brahmin of the Bhāradvāja-gotta, where a grass mat was spread for him by the brahmin. It was on this occasion, according to the Māgaṇḍiya Sutta, MN.i.501 that, after a long discussion, Māgaṇḍiya was converted.

Several important discourses were preached at Kammāsadamma, among them being the Mahānidāna Sutta, DN.ii.55 SN.ii.92 the Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta, DN.ii.290 MN.i.55 and the Ānañjasappāya Sutta. MN.ii.26 The Saṃyutta Nikāya SN.ii.107f. contains a discourse on handling experiences by way of casual relations, and the Aṅguttara AN.v.29f. a discourse on the ten noble states, both preached at Kammāsadhamma.

29.17, 78.023town