A Sākiyan of Kapilavatthu. He was converted with Bhaddiya and four other Sākyan nobles at Anupiya. Vin.ii.182 Kimbila seems to have maintained throughout his early friendship with Anuruddha, dwelling with him and Nandiya, now in this wood or park, now in that. The Buddha visited them at Pacina-vamsadāya when he was going away, disgusted with the recalcitrant monks of Kosambī. Vin.i.350 MN.iii.155ff. They were in the Gosiṅgasālavana when the Buddha preached to them the Cūḷa-Gosiṅga Sutta, at the conclusion of which, Dīgha Parajana Yakkha sang the praises of all three. MN.i.205ff. Their number was increased by the presence of Bhagu, Kuṇḍadhāna, Revata and Ānanda, on the occasion when the Buddha preached the Naḷakapāna Sutta in the Palāsavana at Naḷakapāna. MN.i.462ff.

In three different places in the Aṅguttara Nikāya AN.iii.247 AN.iii.339 AN.iv.84 record is made of a conversation between Kimbila and the Buddha, when Kimbila asks how the Dhamma could be made to endure long after the Buddha’s death and what were the causes which might bring about its early disappearance. The conversation took place in the Veḷuvana in Kimbilā.

Elsewhere SN.v.322f. the Buddha is reported as questioning Kimbila at the same spot on the question of breathing. Kimbila remains silent though the question is put three times. Ānanda intervenes and suggests that the Buddha should himself furnish the answer so that the monks may learn it and profit thereby.