A park in Pāṭaliputta. It was evidently the residence of monks from very early times, probably, for some time, of the Buddha himself. The Mahāvagga Vin.i.300 mentions the names of several theras who lived there: Nilavāsi, Sānavāsi, Gopaka, Bhagu, Phalikasandana. The Saṃyutta Nikāya SN.v.15f. SN.v.171f. records several discussions which took place there between Ānanda and Bhadda. It may have been a favourite resort of Ānanda, for we find the householder Dasama of Aṭṭhakanāgara going there to enquire as to his whereabouts.AN.v.342 MN.i.349 At a later date it was the residence of Nārada who converted King Muṇḍa. AN.iii.57f.

25.535, 85.200343monastery