A township in Kāsī, the residence, among others, of Citta-Gahapati. SN.iv.281

It contained the Ambāṭakavana, which Citta presented as a monastery for the monks, at the head of whom was Mahānāma.

Sudhamma Thera also lived there, and the place was visited by Sāriputta and Moggalāna and also by Acela Kassapa. SN.iv.300

According to the Vinaya, Vin.ii.15f. they were accompanied by Mahākaccāna, Mahākoṭṭhita, Mahākappina, Mahācunda, Anuruddha, Revata, Upāli, Ānanda and Rāhula; these all went there while travelling in the Kāsi kingdom.

The books contain, besides these, the names of several monks who lived at Macchikāsaṇḍa—e.g., Isidatta, Mahaka, Kāmabhū and Godatta. The place may also have been a centre of the Nigaṇṭhas, for Nigaṇṭha Nāṭaputta is mentioned as having gone there with a large following. SN.iv.298