One of the most eminent disciples of the Buddha, considered chief among expounders in full of the brief saying of the Buddha. AN.i.23 Several suttas illustrate this quality, including the Madhupiṇḍika, the Kaccāyana and the Parāyana; several instances are given of people seeking Mahā Kaccāna’s assistance, for a detailed explanation of something said in brief by the Buddha—e.g., Hāliddikāni, Kāḷī, Samiddhi, Uttara and Valliya.AN.iii.314 AN.iii.321 AN.v.225 MN.iii.223 The verses attributed to him in the Theragāthā speak of giving up wealth and honor for higher things. Thag.494–501

Among Kaccāna’s pupils and followers and those who consulted him were Sonakutikanna, Isidatta, Avantiputta, Lohicca, Ārāmadaṇḍa, and Kandarāyana.

He often stayed in Avantī, where King Caṇḍappajjota consulted him on various occasions. In Avanti, Kaccāna is said to have stayed, not in the king’s park, but chiefly in the Kuraraghara papātā SN.iii.9 AN.v.46 Ud.v.6 Vin.i.194 and in a hut in Makkarakata forest. SN.iv.116

Mention is also made of his staying at Vāraṇā on the bank of Kaddamadaha; AN.i.65 at the Gundāvana in Madhurā; AN.i.67 MN.ii.83 and at Tapodā in Rājagaha.