The name given to the monastery erected by Visākhā Migāramātā in the Pubbārāma, to the east of Sāvatthī. It is said that, one day, when Visākhā had gone to the monastery to hear the Dhamma and afterwards attend on the sick monks and novices, she left in the preaching hall her jewellery and her servant girl forgot to remove it. Later, on going to fetch it, she found that Ānanda had put it away, and Visākhā, being told of this, decided not to wear it again. She had it valued by goldsmiths, who declared that it was worth nine crores and one hundred thousand. She had the ornament put in a cart and sent round for sāle. But there was none in Sāvatthī rich enough to buy it, and Visākhā herself bought it back. With the money thus obtained she built the Migāramātupāsāda at the Buddha’s suggestion. Vin.iv.161f. Moggallāna was left to supervise the work with five hundred other monks. Moggallāna made use of his iddhi powers in order to expedite and facilitate the work.

Numerous suttas were preached there; chief among these were the Aggañña, the Uṭṭhāna, the Ariyapariyesanā, and the Pāsādakampana. SN.i.77 SN.i.190 Ud.vi.2 SN.iii.100 SN.v.216 SN.v.222f. AN.i.193f. AN.ii.183f. AN.iii.344f. Thag.689–704 AN.iv.204f. AN.iv.255 AN.iv.265 AN.iv.269 Ud.ii.9

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