A monk, mentioned once as staying at the Ghositārāma in Kosambī, with Musila, Savittha, and Ānanda. In the course of discussion he declares that, though aware of the nature of nibbana, he is not an arahant. SN.ii.115f. Elsewhere AN.iii.57f. he is mentioned as staying in the Kukkuṭārāma in Pāṭaliputta. At that time King Muṇḍa was grieving over the death of his wife, Bhaddā, to the neglect of everything else, and his treasurer, Piyaka, suggested that he should visit Nārada. The king agreed, and Nārada preached to him on the inevitable ness of old age, disease, death, etc. Muṇḍa was consoled, and buried the body of his wife, which he had till then preserved.