A brahmin of Vesāli. The Aṅguttara Nikāya records a conversation between him and Kāraṇapālī. The latter meets Piṅgiyānī and, on learning that he was returning from a visit to the Buddha, asks him about the Buddha’s wisdom. Piṅgiyāni utters the Buddha’s praises with a wealth of simile and metaphor. Kāraṇapālī is impressed, and declares himself the Buddha’s follower. AN.iii.236ff. On another occasion, Piṅgiyāni is present when five hundred Licchavis come to pay honour to the Buddha at the Kūṭāgārasālā. The sight of the Buddha, sitting in their midst, outshining them all, inspires Piṅgiyāni and he bursts into song. The Licchavis give him five hundred upper garments, all of which he presents to the Buddha. AN.iii.239f.