A young monk whom the Buddha met at the house of Bhaggava, the potter, in Rājagaha. Pukkusāti was already occupying the guest room of the house, and the Buddha asked to be allowed to share it, to which Pukkusāti readily agreed. They sat together for sometime in silence, and then the Buddha preached the Dhātuvibhaṅga Sutta. Pukkusāti recognised the Buddha at the end of the sermon and begged his forgiveness for not having paid him due honour; he then begged to have the upasampadā conferred on him. The Buddha consented and sent him to procure a begging bowl and a robe. On the way Pukkusāti was gored to death by a mad cow. When this was reported to the Buddha, he said that Pukkusāti was an Anāgāmin and had been born in the realms above, never more to return. MN.iii.237–247 In this context Pukkusāti is spoken of as a kulaputta. MN.iii.238

After his untimely death Pukkusāti was born in the Avihā world, where, together with six others, he became an arahant at the moment of his birth. SN.i.35 SN.i.60