pūraṇa kassapa

Pūraṇa Kassapa

One of the six well known teachers, contemporaneous with the Buddha. He is said to have taught the doctrine of non-action, denying the result of good or bad actions. DN.i.52f.

Elsewhere, SN.iii.69 SN.v.126 however, he is mentioned as denying condition and cause—i.e., the efficacy of kamma—which teaching, in the Sāmmaññaphala Sutta, DN.i.53 AN.iii.383 is attributed to Makkhali Gosāla.

His gotta name was Kassapa. He had a following of five hundred, among whom was the devaputta Asama. SN.i.65 He was consulted by the Licchavis Abhaya SN.v.126 and Mahāli SN.iii.68 and by the wanderer Vacchagotta. SN.iv.398 He claimed to be omniscient. AN.iv.428