A Paribbājaka who joined the Order and soon after left it. He then went about proclaiming in Rājagaha that he knew the Dhamma and Vinaya of the Sakyaputta monks, and that was why he had left their Order. The Buddha, being told of this, visited the Paribbājakārāma, on the banks of the Sappinikā, and challenged Sarabha to repeat his statement. Three times the challenge was uttered, but Sarabha sat silent. The Buddha then declared to the Paribbājakas that no one could say that his claim to Enlightenment was unjustified, or that his dhamma, if practised, did not lead to the destruction of Ill. After the Buddha’s departure, the Paribbājakas taunted and abused Sarabha. AN.i.185ff.