A Buddha of a past age.DN.ii.7 DN.iii.195f. SN.ii.9

  • He was born in the Nisabha pleasance in Aruṇavatī.
  • His father was the khattiya Aruṇa and his mother Pabhāvatī.
  • His wife was Sabbakāmā and his son Atula.
  • His Bodhi was a puṇḍarīka.
  • The Bodhisatta was Arindama, king of Paribhutta.
  • Abhibhū and Sambhava were his chief disciples among monks.
  • Akhila and Padumā among nuns.
  • His constant attendant was Khemaṅkara.
  • Among his patrons were Sirivaḍḍha and Canda among men,
  • and Cittā and Suguttā among women.