A rich brahmin of Campā, very learned in the Vedas; he lived in a royal domain, given to him as royal fief by King Bimbisāra. When the Buddha was in Campā, on the banks of the Gaggarā-lake, Soṇadaṇḍa visited him in spite of the protests of his friends and colleagues. Their conversation is recorded in the Soṇadaṇḍa Sutta. At the end of the discourse, Soṇadaṇḍa expressed his appreciation of the Buddha and his doctrine, and invited him and his monks to a meal. At the conclusion of the meal Soṇadaṇḍa asked the Buddha to forgive him if, in the presence of the brahmins, he did not make humble obeisance to the Buddha, but merely saluted him. DN.i.111ff.