When the Buddha died and the monks stood weeping, Subhadda asked them to rejoice instead, saying— “We are well rid of the Great Monk; we shall now do just as we like.” Mahā Kassapa heard this while he was on his way from Pāvā to Kusināra, and it was this remark which made him decide to hold the First Council after the Buddha’s death. Vin.ii.284f. DN.ii.162


A wanderer, who was the last person to be converted by the Buddha. Having heard that the Buddha would die in the third watch of the night, Subhadda went to the sāla grove, where the Buddha lay on his death bed, and asked Ānanda for permission to see him. But three times Ānanda refused the request, saying that the Buddha was weary. The Buddha overheard the conversation and asked Subhadda to come in. Subhadda asked the Buddha if there were any truth in the teachings of other religious instructors. The Buddha said he had no time to discuss that, but that any system devoid of the Noble Eightfold Path was useless for salvation, and he taught Subhadda the Doctrine. Subhadda asked to be allowed to join the Order, and the Buddha gave Ānanda special permission to admit him at once without waiting for the usual probationary period. Subhadda dwelt in solitude and in meditation and soon became an arahant. DN.ii.148ff.


A lay disciple of Nātikā. He was an anāgāmī and was born in the Suddhavāsā, never to be reborn. DN.ii.92 SN.v.348f.