A poor leper of Rājagaha, who, one day seated in the outer circle of people, heard the Buddha preach and became a sotāpanna. While waiting the departure of the crowd so that he could pay homage to the Buddha and express his gratitude, Sakka, desiring to test him, approached him and offered him untold wealth if he would repudiate the Buddha, his teachings, and the Order. But although Sakka revealed his identity, Suppabuddha rebuked him for a fool and said he had no need of more wealth, because he possessed already the seven stores of Noble Wealth. Sakka reported this conversation to the Buddha, who said that no power in the world would change Suppabuddha. Soon after, Suppabuddha visited the Buddha, and, having worshipped him, was on his way to the city when he was gored to death by a cow. Ud.v.3