A grove near Rājagaha where Anāthapiṇḍika first met the Buddha. When Anāthapiṇḍika approached it, he was filled with fear and trembling. But he was reassured by a friendly Yakkha, Sīvaka. Vin.ii.155f. When the Buddha was staying there, Māra asked him to die. DN.ii.116

In the Sītavana was the Sappasoṇḍikapabbhāra, SN.i.210f. Vin.ii.76 Vin.iv.159 where Upasena was killed by a snake bite SN.iv.40 and Soṇa Koḷivisa tried, without success, to practise asceticism. AN.iii.374

Sambhūta Thera so loved the Sītavana that he came to be called “Sitavaniya.

Ekavihāriya is also mentioned its delighting in the solitude of Sītavana. Thag.540

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