A Mahāsāla brahmin, mentioned in a list of eminent brahmins gathered together at Icchanankala and Manasākaṭa. DN.i.235 Snp.p.115

There was in Caṇḍalakappa a mango grove belonging to the Todeyya brahmins. MN.ii.210 A Todeyya brāhmaṇa was also the owner of the mango grove at Kāmandā. SN.iv.121 The Aṅguttara Nikāya AN.ii.180 mentions the pupils of the Todeyya-brahmin speaking ill of Eḷeyya because the latter followed the teachings of Rāmaputta.


A disciple of Bāvarī. Snp.1006 He visited the Buddha, and his questions, with the answers given by the Buddha, are given in the Todeyya-māṇavaa-pucchā. Snp.1088–1091