A brahmin of Sāvatthī. One day the Buddha came to his house and he filled the Buddha’s bowl with the food prepared for his own use. Three days in succession the Buddha came, and Udaya, feeling annoyed, said to the Buddha— “A pertinacious and greedy man is the Samaṇa Gotama that he comes again and again.” The Buddha pointed out to him how, again and again, the furrow has to be sown to ensure a continuous supply of food, how over and over again the dairy-folk draw milk, and how again and again birth and death come to the slow-witted. At the end of the sermon both Udaya and his household became followers of the Buddha. SN.i.173f.


A brahmin, pupil of Bāvarī. When his turn came to question the Buddha, he asked him to explain emancipation through higher knowledge and the destruction of ignorance. Because Udaya had already attained to the fourth jhāna, the Buddha gave his explanation in the terms of jhāna. Snp.1006 Snp.1105–1111