He once visited the Buddha and told him how he rivalled in power and wealth the seṭṭhi Migāra, grandson of Rohana. He was worth one hundred thousand in gold alone, to say nothing of silver. The Buddha tells him that all this wealth could easily be lost in various ways, not so the seven kinds of Ariyan wealth. AN.iv.6–7


One of those that formed the retinue of the rājā Eḷeyya. He was a follower of Uddaka-Rāmaputta, whom the king too held in veneration. AN.ii.180


A householder of Hatthigāma of the Vajji country. Among householders he was declared by the Buddha to be the best of those who waited on the Order. AN.i.26 The Buddha once stated that Ugga was possessed of eight special and wonderful qualities. AN.iv.212–216

The Saṃyutta Nikāya SN.iv.109f. records a visit paid to the Buddha by Ugga, at Hatthigāmaka. He asked the Buddha why it was that some beings attained full freedom in this very life, while others did not. Because of grasping, says the Buddha.


A householder of Vesāli, declared by the Buddha to be the best of those who gave agreeable gifts. AN.i.26

While staying at the Kūṭāgārasālā in Vesāli, the Buddha once declared to the monks that Ugga was possessed of eight marvellous qualities, in a way very similar to that of Ugga of Hatthigāmaka. AN.iv.208–212

The Saṃyutta Nikāya SN.iv.109f. repeats under Ugga of Vesāli the same discussion with the Buddha as was given in connection with Ugga of Hatthigāma, regarding the reason why some beings do not attain complete freedom in this very life. This is perhaps due to uncertainty on the part of the compilers as to which Ugga took part in the original discussion.

A sutta in the Aṅguttara Nikāya AN.iii.49–51 gives a list of things of which Ugga himself was fond. We are told that he offered these things to the Buddha. The list includes rice-cakes made in the shape of Sāla-blossoms, the flesh of sucking pig and Kāsi robes. The Sutta goes on to say that Ugga died soon after and was born among the Manomayadevā. He visited the Buddha from the deva-world and stated that he had achieved his goal.

He is included in a list of householders who possessed six special qualities: unwavering loyalty to the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Saṅgha, Ariyan conduct, insight and liberation. AN.iv.451


A monk whose verse is recorded in the Theragāthā. Thag.80