The capital of Avanti. In the Buddha’s time, Caṇḍapajjota Vin.i.276 was king of Ujjenī and there was friendly intercourse between that city and Māgadha, whose king was Seniya Bimbisāra. After Bimbisāra’s death, however, Pajjota seems to have contemplated a war against Ajātasathu. MN.iii.7

The road taken by Bāvarī’s disciples ran through Ujjenī. Snp.1011

Ujjenī was also the birthplace of Isidāsī. Thig.405

We find Māhissatī mentioned just before Ujjenī among the places passed by Bāvarī’s pupils on their way to Sāvatthī. Snp.1011

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