One of the two chief women disciples of the Buddha, and the chief of the women possessed of psychic power. AN.i.25 The Therīgāthā Thig.234–235 SN.i.131f. contains several verses attributed to her.

Once Uppalavaṇṇā came across, in Andhavana, some meat left behind, obviously for her, by some kind-hearted thief.; having cooked the meat, she took it to the Buddha at Veḷuvana. Finding him away on his alms-rounds, she left the meat with Udāyi, who was looking after the vihāra, to be given to the Buddha, but Udāyi insisted on Uppalavaṇṇā giving him her inner robe as a reward for his services. Vin.iii.208f.

Mention is made of a pupil of Uppalavaṇṇā, who followed the Buddha for seven years, learning the Vinaya. Vin.ii.261

The Buddha declares that Khemā and Uppalavaṇṇā are the measure of his women disciples, and that the believing nun, if she would aspire perfectly, should aspire to be like them. AN.i.88 AN.ii.164 SN.ii.236